May 1, 2008

The Brewbook Is Back!

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Well, I am most pleased, happy, chuffed, ecstatic and whatever other words you may like to include to describe a state of extreme pleasure (that is not sexually or drug related).
I’m in this state because I found my Oracle, my Holy Text as it were - that is, I have found the book that contains all my brew notes.

The main reason I have not been posting any more brew notes here is I lost the book during renovations, but I now have it back so I can finish putting up details - particularly of the most drawn out event in home brewing… THE EXPERIMENT!

I will endeavour to have a posting frenzy and make up for lost time. Also, the Viking Brewhouse site here will soon be changing slightly in focus. As myself and my fiancee will be travelling to Britain for an extended period to work and play I won’t really have a chance to brew up more tasty liquids, so after I have posted the remaining brew notes there won’t be any newies for a while.

BUT, that certainly doesn’t mean don’t come back here and chack things out. Europe has a brewing tradition many times older than the entire (colonised) history of Australia so make sure you tune in to follow the exploits of the Viking Brewhouse in Europe. Also, the home brewing crowd over there is HUGE, so i’m sure there are planty of things to learn and many many breweries to visit and sample, so I’m sure this trip, whilst stifling the ability to actually brew, will more than compensate by greatly expanding my knowledge base and re-invigorate my brewing efforts when we return.

So like previously stated, keep up your visits even though I most likely won’t be actually brewing for a while. I love checking out the visitor stats for the Brewhouse site and seeing your support for my somewhat amateur efforts.

Cheers and keep on brewin’.

Stll Alive and kickin’!

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Yes Amber Liquid fans, Viking Brewhouse is still alive and kicking.
Despite having not posted (or brewed like a demon like I was going to), I still do keep an eye on the site every millenia or so. I must admit I have been busy following other pursuits and have fallen into the Youtube and Facebook posting craze. I have weened myself off Facebook but still can’t seem to get full control over that magnificently diverse source of vids of people from around the world doing dumb things to themselves!

I have used my time cruising to search out a beer ad from here in Australia that has featured so oftenon ad breaks in the last week that I now change the damn channel when it comes on! That notwithstanding, I think it has to be one of the best ad campaigns ever introduced for a beer.

The beer is Victoria Bitter, and whilst I’m not particularly fond of the brew myself, the advertisment is brilliant. It uses the same tune that has been kicking around in their ads for over two and a half decades now, and is certainly a catchy little number.

So, heres the ad…

And, before you yell at your screen ‘BULLSHIT! IT’S ALL MADE UP WITH EFFECTS’, here’s how they made it…

Pure brilliance I say. Pity they can’t make the beer taste any better! (but that’s just my opinion)