December 30, 2009

The Brewhouse Is Back In Sunny (Scorching) Melbourne….YAY!!!

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Well brew-lovers, the Brewhouse has finally closed the Britain Chapter, travelled through India, and is back in ridiculously sunny Melbourne in time for a scorching summer.

We’ve tasted many a local cask ‘real’ ale throughout the width and Breadth of the British Mainland, attended ‘Real Ale’ festivals, history festivals, seen full-on old-school jousting tournaments, Viking Festivals, tried on steel battle armour and swung swords, axes and other miscelaneous weapons designed to seriously injure the human body (some of them in India could have come striaght out of the most far-fetched seeming fantasy movie), and now the next Australian chapter opens.

Coming updates will include reviews on various ales - from the tap and bottled, mostly from Britain, but a couple from India too, some video and pics, and, most importantly, brewing will re-commence as soon as I have a small fridge to fit a fermenter into - summer in Melbourne gets pretty warm at times, 47.5 deg C was measured in Boronia, Melbourne last year on that terrible Black Saturday of bushfires - so an insulated, temp regulated enclosure is a good idea. Technically Viking Brewhouse isn’t back in the original premesis as that’s still rented out, but, that notwithstanding, a number of interesting experiments are planned.

So, stay tuned, check for updates, have a Happy New Year ‘tasting’ your fermented/distilled beverage of choice, and remember, if you can’t remember to have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink (which I can never seem to do myself!), spend a good portion of New Years Eve day downing some water/cordial/sprts drink before you go in the evening, and throw down a couple of pints before you  stagger to a (comfortable??!!) horizontal surface to pass out on…..your liver will like you much more, and you won’t feel as crappy when you finally regain conciousness. Failing all that, have a massive hamburger and a sports drink the next day, that’ll certainly make you feel better. Works for me anyway!

Cheers all - Matt.

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